Michigan Process Server Reviews

Our Clients Testimonials

Below is a list of testimonials received from a few of our clients regarding the service they have received as a client of Relentless Court Services, Inc. These our not endorsements of Relentless Court Services, Inc. on behalf of them or their firm, just testimonials regarding the level of service they have received from our firm.

"Relentless Court Services is the only process server for me in Michigan. They DO exceed expectations, just as promised on the website. Fast, efficient and most importantly, they get the job done right and let you know immediately when service is made. Thanks for such a great service!"

"We would like to take this time to THANK YOU for your great service at Relentless Court Services. We e-mailed the paperwork over at noon and had the person served by 6 pm that same day. We will use your services again and would recommend this company to everyone that wants excellent and quick service."

"Relentless Court Services has always gone above and beyond in assisting our law firm. We had issued a subpoena and had Relentless Court Services serve it. We received a call from the process server informing us there were two employees by the same last name, and he believed we intended to serve the other. He then waited at the school for us to re-draft the subpoena and served it on the correct employee!!!! Saved us a lot of time and frustration at our hearing! Thanks so Much!"

"I’d like you to know that your service was simply outstanding, from beginning to end. You were prompt and responsive and accomplished my service of process project in record time. I am so impressed with your services that I’ve run out of adjectives. Please keep up the excellent work, and I would highly recommend you to other customers in a New York minute."

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