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Terms and Conditions
Clients with existing terms will be billed due on receipt. Invoices are past due 30 days after the invoice date. A late fee of $5.00 per month per invoice will be assessed.

No fees will be put on the affidavit of service/non-service. A paid receipt will be available for download in my online account, and an invoice will also be emailed upon completion of assignment.

4 attempts will be made at 1 address. If the address is confirmed as bad, there are no remaining attempts to be transferred to a new address. A new address is a new assignment, and therefore a new fee. Relentless Court Services process servers are paid per address, not per attempt.

Promotional codes are subject to review. Each promotional code you receive is only to be used one time and not valid with other promotional codes unless otherwise stipulated.

Notice: You will recieve an electronic invoice via email within one hour of ordering.