Michigan Process Server Rates & Fees

Our Rates

We take great pride in being your one stop shopping for all of your court service needs. Please take a moment to view all of the services we offer and thank you for choosing Relentless Court Services, Inc.

1-1-2018 Please note, instant quotes are only available to our clients that have an online account at this time. Please sign up for our newsletter which will update you when our quoting tool is live for everyone.

All of the above fees are based on residential cases. If you have business serves which require only 1 attempt to serve, feel free to call, email or use our free support chat for a reduced quote.

* Please also note, the fee quoted is for 4 attempts at one address. If we verify an address to be bad, attempts do not transfer to a new address. We charge per address, not per attempt.

Clients that send us regular assignments, and prefer to be charged Michigan statutory fees, please contact us in advance to set-up an agreed fee schedule.

We will tailor our services and fees to suit our loyal clients. Call or email to setup your terms and billing.

Please note, we do not offer pick up or drop off service. If you are a private party looking for service of process, please call to discuss your case with us before submitting it for service.