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New Website

New Website

Great Lakes Process Servers is excited to launch our new website at www.michigan-process-servers.com, Brian with Custom Web Concepts has designed our new website with our clients in mind. Clients can log into our site 24/7 to check the status of their cases.

Our Michigan Process Servers update their cases while on the road, so our office staff can keep our clients updated at all times. GPS co-ordinates are logged, photos are taken, comments are entered at the time of the attempt. That information is then sent to our clients via email, and is also live on the site at the time of the attempt.

We also stay ahead of the competition by uploading the return of service, postal verifications, Affidavits, and sign acknowledgements of receipt to our clients account. By obtaining signatures in the field, we can later prove to the court that we served the individual we stated we served. This critical information is on our site forever, so a serve doesn't have to remember in years what transpired on a specific serve.

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