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Kentwood is a city in Kent County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 48,707 at the 2010 census.

The city was incorporated in 1967 from what remained of Paris Township to prevent further annexation of land from the adjacent cities of Grand Rapids and Wyoming. The city was named after Kent County, which was named after jurist James Kent.

The city's first mayor was Peter M. Lamberts, who served in that post until 1979. Subsequent mayors have included Marvin Hoeflinger (1979–1981), Gerald DeRuiter (1981–1992), Bill Hardiman (1992–2002), Richard Root (2002–2012), Richard Clanton (2012–2013), and Stephen Kepley (2013–present).

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 20.95 square miles (54.26 km2), of which, 20.90 square miles (54.13 km2) is land and 0.05 square miles (0.13 km2) is water. The city is bordered by Wyoming to the west, Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids Township to the north, Cascade Township to the east, and Gaines Township to the south.

Kentwood has a Mayor, who also serves as the City Manager, and a legislature consisting of a City Commission. The current mayor is Stephen Kepley. The Mayor Pro Tempore is selected by the City Commission; Ward 2 Commissioner Michael Brown currently serves in this role. The mayor serves as a voting member of the City Commission and presides over Commission meetings. However, he does not have the power to veto a resolution or ordinance.

Voters in Kentwood elect a mayor, city clerk, and city treasurer to four-year terms, and elect six city commissioners to four-year, staggered terms. Every two years, voters in each of the city's two wards elect one commissioner, while another city commissioner is elected by the city at-large.

The main public school district in Kentwood is the Kentwood Public Schools, consisting of one high school, one freshman campus, three middle schools, ten active elementary schools, and one closed elementary school which has become home to the early childhood programs:
East Kentwood High School
Crossroads Alternative High School
East Kentwood Freshman Campus
Crestwood Middle School
Pinewood Middle School
Valleywood Middle School
Bowen Elementary School
Brookwood Elementary School
Challenger Elementary School
Discovery Elementary School
Endeavor Elementary School
Explorer Elementary School
Glenwood Elementary School
Meadowlawn Elementary School
Southwood Elementary School
Townline Elementary School
Hamilton Early Childhood Center
Also included within Kentwood's city limits are the Forest Hills Public Schools and Kelloggsville Public Schools.

Kentwood has five trails:
Paul Henry Rail Trail from 44th Street and Kalamazoo to 60th Street and Wing Avenue
East-West Trail from Division Avenue to Breton Avenue
Plaster Creek Trail
M6 Trail
Saddleback Trail
With the exception of the M6 Trail, proposals are being considered to expand each of these trails.

Kentwood is located within the Kent District Library district. The Kentwood Branch Library opened in 2010 on Breton Avenue, next to Kentwood City Hall. The library is located on reclaimed ground from an old landfill. The Environmental Protection Agency and Kent County installed a methane flare to burn excess methane from the decaying landfill in 2015. Previously, the Kentwood Library had been located on Kalamazoo Avenue south of 44th Street.

Kentwood Mine
The Kentwood Mine is an underground gypsum mine in Kentwood, at 42.890°N 85.579°W. Opened in 1971 and closed in 2000, it was operated by Georgia-Pacific.

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